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How would you like to join a growing community of people who can now enjoy life, eat well and get to keep boozy brunches and wine nights in their plans?

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you came here as a result of seeing my life changing (informative) Social Media content or Emails.

That means we can skip the small talk.

If, however, you’ve stumbled on this page through other means, here’s what you need to know:


✅ I’m Dalton​


✅ I’m known as ‘The Macro King.’​


✅ My weight loss strategies have dropped 100's of kgs (and lbs) all over the world (and counting). 

✅ I like coffee, reading, hiking, training ‘til I get sweaty and slightly green, and early 2000s pop music.


✅ I’m pretty bloody good at helping people who want to look their best, perform like a million dollars, whilst making their eating and exercise habits a breeze, giving them total flexibility and confidence in their actions, choices and mindset. 

Anyway, about those emails and posts…

Taking another guess here, but if you’re reading these words, my assumption is, you think content is at least somewhat useful.

Perhaps they’ve helped you drop some fat or lower your stress, kick-started your motivation in fat loss, or you just find them entertaining and great for reading on the toilet. 

Either way, as the saying goes – You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Dalton Personal FB DP_edited.jpg


"The Macro King"

​Look, you know me – I don’t do hard sells, cheesy closes, or any kind of false scarcity or made-up claims.

That’s not my bag, and besides, it’s all a lot of bother to keep up that kind of act.

That being said, as you’d quite rightly expect – My paid products are a hell of a lot better than the free content I put out.

Don’t get me wrong, I think my free stuff is really rather useful.

Case in point:

This is a member of my Free Facebook Support Group who wished to remain anonymous, who had a free Brainstorm chat with. We used it to talk through some stress eating technqiues that she could apply. 

And this is another member who learnt about the dangers of restrictive eating from one of my Free Facebook Live Events and was able to overcome this in her own life. 

Jessica chocolate is okay - FB Group.jpeg

But you’re here because you like my free stuff, and are interested in what else I’ve got up my sleeve.

And perhaps even the kind of stuff that requires one to part with a few dollars/ yen/ good old British pound sterling.

Well, that’s what we’ll discuss today…


Nutrition changed my life.

I say that with no sense of hyperbole.

When I first came across proper concepts nutrition and sleep strategies, I was a burnt out personal trainer.

I was doing okay financially, but was working genuine 10-hour split shift, and training clients 7 days a week.

My first introduction to the world of nutrition was through a friend Mike. Mike was a personal trainer, and I downloaded his ebook on eating ice-cream and dropping fat.

When I plugged those numbers from his book it helped me drop 5lbs of fat in 4 weeks. After that I used it on my clients who got the same results. All lost between 4-7lbs in a matter of weeks. 

That was without any other strategy, just some basic macros.

I was hooked.

It was this amazing result that lead me down the nutrition rabbit hole, first learning how to read and dissect nutritional science information for me to convert into plans for my clients, resulting in taking it past the mystical 20lb fat loss mark.

Then I decided to make a career improvement, and started learning about psychology and stress management as well.

Without blowing my own trumpet, in the last 4 years of doing this, I’ve managed to get to the level where–

✅ I’ve graduated from University with a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

I’ve had 100's of clients lose between 10 - 20lbs of fat. 

✅ I’ve brought my own fitness and performance through triathlons and powerlifting.

✅ Helped clients have lasting results with their changes and not just end up putting it all back on.


Over 40 other coaches in the industry have coached under me to learn the methods and approaches I have to getting my clients results. 

✅ Written ghost articles on nutrition and exercise. 


I no longer need to worry about what I eat or how to burn it off.

✅ I now make sure I have beers and foods wherever I go, and so do all my clients. 


If I’m being honest, writing all that made me slightly sick in my mouth at how braggy it sounds.

But I say this not to impress you, but to impress upon you just how life-changing having a smart coach can be.

But, there’s a problem…


“I’ve let myself down again.”

The words were oozing with pain and resentment.

“I told myself this time it would be different, that I’d be able to stand on my own two feet, and that I wouldn’t need support.

But here I am, in my 40's, and still struggling to have a balanced meal out without feeling ashamed. 

I feel so guilty"

This was a conversation I had with a client of mine about a year ago.

This lady was amazing- 

She had a great routine with her training, loving her workouts and going 4 - 5 times times a week. She understood the need for good sleep to help her recover too so she could keep smashing those workouts. And whenever I looked over her training, I was impressed.

Trouble was, she couldn’t get the scales to go down consistently.

She either struggled with finding time to balance her work with meal prep and ended up buying food on the way home.


Or she would be good for a few days and then end up saying "stuff it" on the weekend...

As such, she was back looking at paying for companies to prepare and make her food for her, still in her 40's and saying no to any events with friends out because she always ended up going overboard and wondering what the hell she was doing wrong.

I see this way too often:

Women who are good at training, who struggle to keep making good food choices, and end up being hard on themsleves. 

Here's the thing. (And what I told said friend.)

Most people are buying the wrong weight loss plans. 

They're making 3 progress-ruining mistakes:


It takes a long time to learn all of the different ways to lose weight.


If you're doing it yourself, that is. 


And this is a major reason why so many people put off starting a diet, even if they've found information on one, and think they can do it themselves.


The thing here, is that people (wrongly) assume they need to learn everything there is to know about exercise and nutrition. That is NOT the case.


And in actual fact, doing this not only grossly overwhelms you, you still aren't even touching psychology, sleep hygeine, stress management, behavioural change, supplementation or food processing. The things that actually matter. 

So how do you learn everything you need to know in order to lose weight? 

Answer: You don't. 

During my coaching career, the clients who achieve the best results are the ones who are taught how it works and told how they need to apply it. You cannot learn what 10 years experience and a university degree teaches you through google in a few hours.

See, when you have a coach who already has a system that is proven to work, and is looking behind the scenes at all of your data to make any minor tweaks that are needed, you can have complete and utter confidence that all you have to do is follow the process. 


It's natural to assume that you're going to get the best results from a weight loss challenge that promises instant results.

After all, everyone else has the exact same program as you, you need to lose weight and you want to lose it fast so you can move back to living your normal life, right? 


The only results that last come from being taught how to make healthier choices, find exercise that fits into the lifestyle they want to live and helps them navigate how to deal with stress and anxiety in a health and effortless way. 


The secret to fat loss results that last is being taught about behavioural change in a way thats personalised to you instead of a restrictive eating plan that worked for someone else (before they put the weight back on again).


But most people think that will never happen to them and they are smarter than to just let themselves put the weight back on. 


Or worse still, they're planning on restricting themselves of sugar or carbs forever. 


This is not only detrimental to your health, it has a hugely negative impact on your mental health too and won't make you feel happy when you look in the mirror.  


I don’t care who you are – whether you have a heap of self awareness and excellent understanding of nutrition 

 – Every one needs to have a solid plan for when they come off their diet. 

It's the only way to prevent puting on the weight all over again. 

You should not be fluctuating back up to your original weight, just to start dieting all over again. 

In fact, let me tell you about it–


70% of people are what I call 'yo-yo dieters.'

They're seeing some results, and they're doing what they think is working. 

But they're on a program that restricts them and they're not seeing the results they want. 

Which means they are exhausted, stressed and over it. 

They have stopped going out for dinner with their friends, and are starting to feel isolated. 

They might lose some weight, but it was an awful process and the weight goes back on. 

The next 29% of people have achieved their desired weight loss goal. 

They look great and they are fit and active. They love posting photos to their social media in their bikinis on the beach. 

But they stress about everything they eat.


They rarely eat at restaurants and when they do, they take scales with them and are scared about blowing out their daily calories. 

What about the final 1% though? 

The top 1% are what I call 'The Stress Lessers'. 

These are the guys and girls who haven't just achieved their fat loss...

They are going to social events, eating food they love without restriction and loving their life. 

They wake up and look in the mirror and feel good about the person smiling back at them. They have learnt how to nourish their body and feel confident making choices all day, every day. 

(Which you will, if you have the right coach who understands the importance of mental health and sharing their knowledge with their clients.)

If you don't do this, you'll never be truly content with yourself while being a 'stress-lesser'.


Being somebody who stresses less means feeling free ... 

When you can eat as you please...

When people look at you and ask for your secret, not the other way around ... 

When your health makes you happy...

And when you never need to worry about weight gain again, because you now understand how to keep it at bay. 

This notion of teaching clients how to manage their weight long term is something vitually no other coaches are doing, but is utterly essential if you want true freedom in life.  


Despite searching high and low, there didn’t seem to be anyone out there that helped coaching quickly develop to this level.

There were lots of courses on getting better at nutrition or training.

There were also a plethora designed to help people get their first 10lbs of fat loss.

And there were heaps of apps and websites, that kind of touched on getting clients the basics and nothing more.

But there was nothing concrete and proven, that promised to not only help people lose weight, but also teach them how to keep it off while enjoying a social life ... Even while eating out and drinking with friends. 

I made it my mission to fill the void...

And do it in a way that was fun, ethical, didn't require any pre-existing knowledge, and could be done by anyone. 

Picture this: 

You wake up in the morning, and immediately feel excited. 

You bound downstairs, put the kettle on, prepare your breakfast. 

You step on the scales and log your weight in your app. 

Immediately, there's this sense of calm, mixed with pride, because you know you are going to enjoy getting dressed for work, and eating meals you enjoy today, and participating in the social drinks later that night. 

You go to work and there's an unexpected morning tea, you don't feel stressed. 

You participate and you choose which foods you'd like to eat from the table. 

You smile, thinking about the times you used to punish yourself for eating 'bad' food and how far you've come since then. 

That's the reality of learning how to eat unrestricted.


I myself haven't thought negatively about my weight for almost 10 years, because I started living this way. 


When you have the trifecta of- 

1. The  ultimate understanding of how to mange your weight.

2. Tried-and-tested behavioural change strategies that allow you to live the change you want to see.

3. The healthiest relationship with the person in the mirror and with food...

Then you can truely live as a 'stress lesser', and enjoy a lifestyle that has you saying yes to everything you want to do, when you want to do it, without worrying about food, exercise or how your body will look. 

But no one else seemed to be teaching all of this in one single, easy-to-navigate program. 

Which is what lead me to this: 


This is the only program out there, designed to help people of all levels – from complete rookies who’ve never been in a gym, right up to experienced pros who train 5 - 6 times a week, and live that ultimate lifestyle.

What’s more, it’s designed to do this–

✅ Even if you’ve never known what to do in a gym 

✅ Even if you’re a natural chocolate lover (like me)…

✅ Even if you’re worried about it being too late…

✅ WITHOUT being miserable like any other diet…

✅ And in a way that’s 100% effortless, straightforward, and even fun.

You’ll become a master of eating and drinking, and learn a skill that has the potential to transform the results of your life, and free you from feeling trapped.

It’s a 12-module course that you'll be privately coaching through by me, done fully online, designed to take you from someone who has no idea around nutrition and training, to a confident person eating out and drinking, saying yes to life, living a life of freedom. 


✅ Know exactly what to do, so you never struggle to look at a menu again. 

✅ Be able to shop with ease, in a way that’s fun, humorous, and laid back, so you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of being unsure which foods to buy, and instead, get a sigh of relief, time after time.

✅ Easily create meals and snacks, drinks, and much more, thanks to the outlines on how foods fit into different diet styles for you to try, included in the course.


✅ Give the best possible life to yourself, and know how to treat your family and friends, and even be able to have time and energy to look after loved ones and parents, should they need it.

It truly is a high-end experience ‘life in a box,’ and no stone is left unturned.

This isn’t one of those courses designed just to sell you into a further coaching program or mastermind. This really is all you need to go from just someone who struggles with food choices and exercise practices to feeling confident and living your dreams.

In fact, here’s an overview of a few weeks on what’s included:



To truly understand how you are going to achieve your fat loss, and build your confidence in your ability to choose foods that suit your goals. 

The Vitality Script will help you build strength and confidence in yourself so you can pick up the exact training, meals, hobbies you want, effortlessly.

✅ How to build your plate for effortless fat loss.

✅ Super simple strategies to make (or buy) those meals without ever stressing if this meal will slow your results down.

✅ Identifying your goals, values and how to reshape your behaviours. 

✅ Reflective eating journal analysed to make your future linked with your psychology. 

✅ and more!

You will be setup with skills from the very beginning in so that you feel comfortable throughout the program.

Beginning a diet with this type of focus means that you will actually enjoy your dieting experience and it will be successful. 


I’m a big believer in keeping things simple. As we discussed, by understanding how hunger forms and what your environment is doing, not only do you avoid ever having to deal with those hunger pains, or buying the first thing you see to satisfy those craving, you master your life and body a whole lot quicker.


✅ I'll set up your diet with you so that you begin to see results from the start and the progress motivates you along the way. 

✅ You'll experience my hidden hunger method that allows me to tap into clients experiences and get a true understanding of what and why hunger has been holding them back in as little as 60 minutes.

✅ The 5-second mindset shift that gets you freedom from that hunger overwhelm.

✅ You'll learn how and when to diet break effectively so that your results don't plateau.

✅ I'll teach you about the different types of diet strategies so that you can do it the best way for you instead of making everyone doing it the same way. 

✅ You'll learn the do's and don'ts of intermittant fasting and understand how to use it in order for it to be effective (if you choose to)!

✅ I'll teach you all about calories and macros and how to use them to improve your nutritional experience, rather than feeling overwhelmed or exhausted by them. 

✅ And of course, you'll learn how to Eat Out and Drink Alcohol while losing weight

You’ll never be left scratching your head, staring at a menu or shopping list again, or spending hours trying to think up food ideas to escape hunger.

Using everything here, there’s no way you’ll be dreading the diet or wishing you'd never signed up.



I'm not just another coach who waves goodbye as soon as I have your Before & After Success Story. 

Vitality Script graduates don't need to find another yo-yo diet. They don't rebound back to their original weight again. 

✅ How to calculate exactly how much you should be eating to keep your new dream body.

✅ What to do when the cravings hit you (because they do) after you begin eating 'normally' again.

✅ Learn to feel confident making meal choices and leave tracking calories or macros in your past...that's no way to live for the rest of your life and I don't expect you to. 

Before you make your decision...



Right about now, you may well be wondering how to get started...

Well, it's super simple. 

Click the link below to find out more!

Q1)  Are you coaching us through it? 


You will spend an hour on a call with me each and every week to discuss your progress and overcome any struggles you are having. 

You will also be able to message me directly through the private app. 

Q2)  When does it start? 


You don't have to wait for an official start date.

Q3)  What if I don't get it done in 12 weeks? 

You have lifetime access which means you can always go back and refresh your knowledge in the modules. 

Q4)  I'm a nutritionist, will it still help me?

Do you still want to lose weight? 

Whether you have a nutrition qualification or have competed in body building or you're a PT etc etc, you haven't learnt everything that's in this program and you haven't been taught how to apply it effectively. 

Q5)  I don't want to lose weight, but I want a better relationship with my body and with food. 

Welcome aboard!

© Copyright 2022 Dalton Franke

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