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Learn why it's going to change your life. Watch below!

Vitality Script has enabled clients to live a love they enjoy while feeling confident in their bodies - Read below!

"When I started the Vitality Script, I was hoping to learn more about nutrition, get into a consistent exercise routine and shed some of my excess covid-kilos. I ended up changing my whole mindset and relationship with food, exercise and my body. I feel more comfortable listening to my body; I'm able to weigh myself, eat treats without any shame; I feel in control. Dalton was supportive, flexible, and encouraged me to do what worked for me." - Phoebe

"Dalton Franke’s coaching has helped my husband & I not only lose weight but also gain life long habits to help with the mental & emotional side of keeping weight off. The weekly lessons were the biggest investment, I’ve been apart of programs before to lose weight but I’ve never been apart of a program that focused on the actual issues & how to keep the weight off. We’re very grateful for the time we spent with Dalton and all the lessons we’ve learnt." - Anna

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